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Learneon Core Teacher Program
Become a Learneon facilitator today and break the conventional rote method of teaching!
  •  Purpose in life and become a teacher of the Next-generation with NEP2020
  •  Connect with your students from wherever you are and whenever you want with our Learneon Android Apps
  •  Earn more, with less effort, and student learning snapshot at your fingertips
  • Scaling potential and control
  • Network with Interactive learning Community
  • Huge growth potential in the early revenue startup
  • Connect with students globally and make an impact


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Qualification and process of selection of a teacher?
Basic degree of M.Sc. (Physics, Chemistry) with BEd as a qualification and some interest in the interactive Mode of facilitation or teach by doing. The selection will include a session to demonstrate skills with Learneon on Spot and some quotient on our GCQ testing.
2.  How much does a Learneon teacher earn?
We don’t guarantee continuous earning, we will help you use our brand, product, and work on as and when need basis for earning. You can scale up your online teaching with our LMS and content.
3. Will I be given any training on Learneon and to scale up my online tuitions?
4. Can I set my own timing and subscription price for a tuition?
Timing is adaptive as it’s a cloud-hosted solution. The subscription from our side is fixed at Rs 999/= per student and just for Learneon teachers.
5. Can I create Content for Learneon and have my own listing?
Yes and it can be published under your name.

Be a Learneon teacher

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