The story behind Learneon

Recent trends in Educational Technologies indicate the growth in methods that combine traditional face-to-face teaching with e-learning and self-learning.  Simulations and game-based learning provide an excellent way for this. Learneon story is to build such learning bundles to be done in a repeatable way, far more cost-effective, and also allows the students to modify the input parameters and evaluate the outcome of the experiments themselves. 

the concept evolution

The Higher Order Thinking Story

Learneon, which stands for self-study, is a powerful and introspective way of learning.  Learneon brings in modernity by providing Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy as the backdrop of every single unit of learning; a method that aspires to take a learner
from the lower forms of learning via memorisation to the highest forms of
Creative and Applied Learning

Eon Labs is a product that has evolved over 4+ years, working closely with Academicians who work in the field of Pedagogy, and are passionate teachers.   The design of Learneon has been greatly influenced by Finland’s method of teaching and learning where students are able to get the highest grades in competitive assessments, even though they have never taken one until Grade 10.  Learneon also confirms with Education 4.0, which is the critical building block for Industrial 4.0,

A Word

From our Co-Founder

“Science is the process of observation and inference, and then assimilating that knowledge to understand the mysteries that surround us, and apply these to create and invent, for the larger good of the Universe. To do this, one must have a keen sense of awareness of the surroundings, and the urge to question and learn. Learneon, over the next several years of its journey, intends to inspire millions of students.

– Ajil Jose Abraham



What students have to say

"Eon Labs has helped me learning science concept with ease. The simulations are so helpful that we could do many mix and matches to understand the difference while changing parameters."

Joann Lizbet Abraham

Class 10, Rajagiri Christhu Jayanthi Public School, Kakkanad, Cochin

"Eon Labs gave me a different perspective of Physics and Chemistry. For example, the Carrom game to explain the Reflection of Light, with the help of bouncing back of light from a shiny or a polished surface, gave clarity on the whole concept. The assessment after each chapter judges your knowledge on the basis of a quiz. The review after every test allowed me to correct on my mistakes. The games are very interesting. The videos on experiments and the steps explained in detail gave me an insight into the overall concept. Overall Eon Labs was fun and a great learning experience for me and I would love to recommend it to many other students as well"

Niyati Ramesh

Class 10, PSBBLLA

"I liked this Eon Labs because of the abundance of quiz questions. The videos are quite easy to understand and many things can easily experiment. We can prepare for exams as well with extra questions"

Swetha A S

Class 8, Gokulam Public School, Attingal, Thiruvananthapuram

"Videos are found very interesting and relevant to the topics. Concepts which are difficult to comprehend through classroom classes are getting clear after going through Eon Labs videos. Simulations and practice questions further enrich my learning to take up higher level problems. Many thanks to Ullas Sir and Learneon team for creating such a platform for students like me."


Class 8, Gurukul, Pune

"The physics simulations on bending of light and propaganda of sound, and the chemistry one on double displacement, really helped me grasp the concepts, and also understand the practical applications where these concepts are used. Thank you Learneon 🙂 "

Karthik U

Class 10, Bhavans Vidyalaya, Cochin.

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